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The Cuisine of Mykonos – A Pleasure for the Palate

The Cuisine of Mykonos – A Pleasure for the Palate

Welcome to the land of healthy, delicious cuisine! The Mediterranean diet, long lauded for its effects on longevity is the heart of cuisine in Mykonos. On Mykonos there is something to please every palate and every event. From upscale dining experiences in Mykonos town and in luxury hotels to humble traditional taverns on beach the food in Mykonos is sure to please. When in Mykonos, some of the must eat dishes are:

The Greek Classics


A traditional Greek classic, this dish is made from eggplant and béchamel sauce baked in the oven. Its delicious creamy flavor is not to be missed.


This dish, often called Greek lasagna is a baked dish of pasta and ground beef. The blend of spices used in its preparation give it a taste all its own.


The Greek answer to barbecue is a delicious treat. Meat and vegetables are grilled on a skewer. This is a particular favorite with children.


This is the Greek answer to the burger. Spit roasted meat and vegetables are served with tzatziki (yoghurt) sauce in pita bread. This is a delicious treat to grab during a long day at the beach.

The Specialties of Mykonos

Mykonos has a few foods all its own which any food lover must try. The most notable of these are kopanisti, a cheese famous for its spicy, aromatic taste; ksinotira, a favorite local appetizer and louza, a dish made from thin slices of spiced and cooked pork.

The island is also home to many fishermen. The seaside bars and eateries are a wonderful place to enjoy the catch of the day. The fresh seafood, usually flavored with the delicious olive oil of the region, does not disappoint.

eatWhile ing a full meal in Mykonos is a wonderful experience, the island is also famous for its appetizers called Meze. The island’s answer to Spanish Tapas is a delicious treat to enjoy with friends. A mixed dish of appetizers is best accompanied by Ouzo, the popular traditional liquor of Greece.

People with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed in Mykonos. The famous traditional Greek dessert made of pastry, honey and chopped nuts, Baklava is available everywhere Those more interested in regional dishes should try amygdalota, the traditional almond cookies of Mykonos. Of course these must be accompanied by soumada, an almond and rosewater flavored non-alcoholic drink that is ubiquitous on the island.

The staff at the hotel is happy to provide restaurant recommendations for any event.