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It’s all about love

It’s all about love

Celebrate Love!

Everyone knows St Valentine, the saint of love. But how many of you know the Orthodox St Valentine, Saint Yakinthos – the patron saint of love, youth, and loving couples, celebrated on July 3, according to the Orthodox Church.

It’s all about love people! That’s why Yakinthos Residence also hosts the chapel of Saint Yakinthos – a traditional Cycladic sanctuary dedicated to our Saint of Love, with the Aegean sea as the backdrop and designed to turn any special occasion into a memorable experience!

So don’t hesitate to contact us for the use of our premises.

Celebrate Green!

At Yakinthos Residence we are doing our best to protect our environment – this is why we are very strict in using biological treatment procedures, which turn waste water into irrigation water for our beautiful gardens! Help us in saving on water – every drop helps!

We also take pride in supporting the local community by using local products such as dairy, vegetables, bread – only to name a few, ensuring that your experience is as Greek as it gets!

We love and respect the environment we live in! That’s why we are quite firm when it comes to responsible use of energy, and this is why Yakinthos Residence is equipped with low energy consuming appliances and energy saving light bulbs.